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Data: 02/10/2014
Kthehu Internet Banking
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 winbank is the latest electronic service offered by Tirana Bank, where you could perform your baking transactions at the highest security level in electronic banking technology, wherever you are through:

  •  Internet Banking
  •  Phone Banking
  •  Mobile Banking

* Register at your closest Tirana Bank branch and get advantage of the all 3 above services.

Internet Banking
Banking transactions with just a click!

Tirana Bank gives you the opportunity to do your on banking, through our electronic banking service :“winbank - Internet Banking”. With this service now available to you, there is no longer need to come to the Bank, as the Bank comes to you, at your home, office or anywhere you are. Through the internet website, you can proceed your banking transactions from home or your office, saving time and simplifying your life.

With just a Click:

  • Get informed in detail about:
  • your account balance and its transactions
  • your debit and credit card statements
  • your consumer loans and housing loans (arrears, payment date, installment amount)
  • old payment and those in continuance

Transfer money:

  • from your account to another your account or to another persons’ accounts at Tirana Bank. Money is being transferred immediately and the beneficiary has immediate access to the money.
  • from your account to other accounts in other banks (transfers inside Albania). Money is received by the other bank within the same day or the following working day
  • from your account to other accounts in foreign banks anywhere in the world (transfers outside Albania)


  • Tirana Bank VISA Credit Cards 
  • Pay your loan installments
  • Mobile phone invoices – AMC and Vodafone

Tirana Bank supports the initiative "Let 's clean Albania in a day" Tirana Bank, last Fri
Tirana Bank encourages breast cancer awareness Oc
Tirana Bank assists the lonely elderly people in the International Day for th
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