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Housing Loan

Housing Loans for Purchase/Constructio/Reconstruction

Tirana Bank is near you and will continue to support your needs!  


I. Home Purchase/Construction Loan

Loan Amount:
Min. 5.000 EUR (equivalent in ALL)
Max. 150.000 EUR (equivalent in ALL)

Financed limit:
Up to 70% of the financed property.

Interest Rate:
ALL (Payroll/Standard)
3.5% Fixed the first year
Then Tribor 12M + 1.6%, Minimum 4 %

EUR (Payroll/Standard)
2% Fixed the first year
Then Euribor 12M + 3.7%, Minimum 3.7%

Loan Duration
From 5 - 30 Years

Repayment method
Monthly instalments (principal+ interest)

First-rank mortgage on the funded property or other property that meets the Bank's requirements.

II. Home Reconstruction Loan

Amount: Min. 1.000.000 ALL - Max. 13.500.000 ALL
Limit of financed: Up to 70% of the collateral value

Loan duration: Up to 15 years

Collateral: The house that will be reconstructed or another residential house mortgage that meets the criteria.

Currency: ALL
ALL (Payroll/Standard)
3.5% Fixed the first year
Then Tribor 12M + 1.6%, Minimum 4 %

Age & Documentation: 
Individuals aged 18 - 68 (until the maturation) can apply.

Copy of the ID card or the passport
Family certificate issued in the last 3 months
Official Payment Slip or if self-employed: Copy of the business license, Tax/Return/Tax declaration/Official Monthly or Yearly Certificate.
Mortgage Deed.

Bank reserves the right to request additional information if necessary.

Note: Home Purchase/Construction Loan is offered in LEK and EURO.
For more information contact our branches or call for free InfoBank 0800 68 68.

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