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20 Years Tirana Bank

For 20 years now, we remain by your side and offer you the BALANCE, SAFETY AND FREEDOM to complete every wish.

Step by step we succeeded throughout the history by adapting and developing business, always believing in the fundamental values on which our bank was founded in 1996, becoming in this way the first private bank to start operations in Albania.

Focused on growth, we developed an impressive network which covers the whole country. We`ve faced every challenge head-on, and emerged stronger than ever, we have created a leading bank institution, that each one of us is proud to be part of and can continue to build together.

Tirana Bank is member of Piraeus Bank Group who has an international presence which focused in Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, but also in financial centers in London and Frankfurt.

Piraeus Bank, with its 100 years of experience, leads a group of companies covering all financial activities in the Greek market. Piraeus Bank possesses particular know-how in the areas of medium-sized and small enterprises, in agricultural banking, in consumer and mortgage credit and green banking, capital markets and investment banking, as well as leasing and factoring.

Tirana Bank serves a wide range of clients with individual needs and goals. Our focus on staying close to them and helping them achieve their objectives is vital. Having a deep client relationship with a broad range of companies, institutions and high-net-worth individuals, we believe that we have a larger obligation to the financial system, the economy and the communities in which people work and live.

What differentiate Tirana Bank from its competitors are its employees and its delivery model, the vision and focus providing superior customer services and the right financial solutions.

Tirana Bank will continue to always give to customers more than expected, helping new enterprises succeed and grow, accelerating economic development and financing community projects that create a better quality of life for people. Contributing to a sound financial system, a healthy and growing economy and a human oriented community, we continue to move on and grow together with our customers.


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20 Years Tirana Bank
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