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About Us

Board of Directors:


Constantinos Loizides - Chairman

Bedri Collaku - V/Chairman

Dritan Mustafa - Member

Agkop Mardikian - Member

Christos Bougiouklis - Member



Executive Commitee:

  • Dritan Mustafa - Chief Executive Officer
  • Konstantinos Tsigaras - Chief Financial Officer
  • Eralda Tafaj Gurga  - Chief Operations Officer
  • Manjola Capo - Head of Credit Division 
  • Elona Gjipali -  Head of Recovery and REO-s Division
  • Eranda Shehu – Chief Retail Officer
  • Grigorios Michailidis – Chief Business Officer


Other official contacts:

  • Najada Xhaxha - Manager of Back Office Service 
  • Suela Dhima - Manager of Compliance Department
  • Lila Canaj - Acting Head of Branch Network 
  • Fatos Aliaj - Acting Head of Corporate Banking Division
  • Klodi Berberi - Manager of Information and Organization
  • Nevila Gega - Manager of Supporting Services 
  • Ilirjan Zhapa - Manager SME Department
  • Grela Koci - Manager of Legal Department
  • Brisilda Bala - Manager of Risk Management Department
  • Veronika Bako - Head of Internal Audit Department
  • Lutjana Konomi - Manager of Marketing and PR Department
  • Fjodora Fjora - Press Office Representative
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