Cards Safety

Safety of your Cards, Our Priority!

Tirana Bank always cares about the cards safety. The cards use is widely increasing, so we are vigilant for your data protection.

The below tips will help regarding the security of cards use:

  • As soon as you receive your card, sign the back of it.
  • Never keep your PIN with your cards at the same place and do not give your card to anyone.
  • Check your card statements regularly for any transactions you do not recognize.
  • Store PIN and cards in a secure place and do not display the data to other persons.
  • Store the receipts of your account or of the transactions you perform.
  • If you change your personal data or address inform immediately the Bank.

When travelling abroad:

  • Ensure to keep up to date your contacts with the bank. The phone number and email address enable us to inform at any fraudulent case.
  • Store the contacts of the bank for lost/stolen cards or any suspicious transaction with your card.
  • Whenever you present your card at any merchant (Point of sale), make sure he/she does not insert the card in any other machine. So, you avoid the copy and misuse of the card information. 

When shopping online:

  • Navigate in secured websites and avoid the public computers.
  • Before entering your card online make sure the address uses "https" rather than "http".
  • The sites certified by Visa Cards are safer for online shopping. In these cases “Verified by VISA” logo will be displayed. 

When using in ATM:

  • Before using the ATM, control for any copying object located in the ATM’s keyboard or at any part of the machine.  If you have suspicions avoid using the ATM and notify the Bank.
  • Protect your PIN code from the others always while entering it in the ATM.
  • If you suspect your PIN can be compromised, inform immediately the bank and change your PIN as soon as possible in the nearest ATM. 
  • Ensure that you received your card after the transaction.
  • If your card is retained by the ATM contact the bank or present to the nearest branch.

Cards Fraud:

  • If you receive an email asking for your card details, never respond even if they seem to be official from the bank.
  • For every suspicious fraudulent activity, Tirana Bank collaborates with the legal authorities by investigating to identify the fraud and to prevent or minimize the consequences.

Contact the bank:

If you suspect for unauthorized use of your card in case of lost/stolen or copy of the data, please inform immediately the Bank:

  • 0800 6868 (through fixed line) 24/7;
  • 00355 4 2277700 (through mobile or fixed line) 24/7;
  • Email address: [email protected]