Debit Card VISA Contactless

VISA  Contactless Debit Card

VISA  Contactless Debit Card is the card that replaces the money in your wallet and gives you the possibility to use them in electronic form.

You can use VISA  for every POS purchase or for ATM cash withdrawals whenever you want 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

VISA  Contactless Chip&PIN offers:

• Purchases and cash withdrawals everywhere you see “VISA” logo

• National and International Usage

• High daily limit from 75,000 Lek

• Online registration of all the transactions in your account

• Possibility to connect the card with more than one account even in different currencies


VISA  Contactless Chip & PIN is accepted everywhere!

• 24/7 usage in all ATMs & POS-es that accept VISA and POS terminals that accept VISA logo and have contactless symbol

• Over 1 million ATMs & 20 million POS-es worldwide accept this card

• Over 80 ATMs & 200 POS-es of Tirana Bank all over Albania

Infinite Benefits with VISA  Contactless Debit Card:

  • Provided on the spot – in every branch of Tirana Bank, when opening a current or saving account
  • Free of charge – for POS domestic purchases
  • Free of charge – automatic renewal with 5 years validity
  • Free of charge – for administration & maintenance
  • Issuing Fee ALL 300/EUR 2.5
  • Service Fee (annual fee) ALL 300/EUR 2.5
  • Currency  – Lek and Euro according to the converted value of transaction (you can link with the card current accounts in Lek and/or Euro)
  • Automatic currency conversion - when used for international transactions
  • PIN change option - in Tirana Bank`s ATM
  • Maximal usage securityfor all the transaction performed – with Chip&PIN technology and the latest contactless technology
  • Mini-statement account printing – directly from the ATM for the last 10 transactions


* For further information related to the product’s terms and conditions please visit one of Tirana Bank branches or call 0800 68 68 (through fix line) or 04-2277700 (if calling from mobile or abroad), 24/7; or you can send an email to the address: [email protected]