Tirana Bank and Balfin Group have handed over the house keys to Çokaj sisters

In March of this year, the show Stop on TV Klan introduced the public to the case of the Çokaj family, who lived in extreme poverty. "Fundjava Ndryshe" had identified it as a concern and brought it to the attention of the Balfin Group

The Çokaj sisters lived in a ruined house in Grudë Fushë, Malësia e Madhe. The lack of minimum living conditions directly affected their deteriorating health. The complete economic incapability aggravated their situation and the sisters had not found a way out.

With the initiative of BALFIN Group’s President, Samir Mane, the Çokaj family has now settled in an apartment in the city of Shkodra. The renovated house is located near the city hospital, so that the ladies can easily get the medical service that their condition requires.

The donation was made possible by Tirana Bank, part of BALFIN Group. The CEO of Tirana Bank, Mr. Dritan Mustafa, handed over the house with the wish to enjoy it in good health. "Our bank is the first private bank in the country, and throughout all this time, we have found support from every client. Today, we support the Çokaj family, as an example of our commitment to improve the lives of groups in need. Together, we are all stronger," he said.

Tirana Bank is a participant in various projects that contribute to a qualitative change in the community, according to the directions set out in its social responsibility policies.