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Current Account

It is an open, functional type of account that provides frequent access to your funds on demand and is a useful tool for payments.

If you seek flexibility and continuous liquidity in your daily multiple transactions, this is the account that will suit your needs. It can be used as drawdown account, linked with your Term Deposits, Loans or Credit cards

Main Features:

Currency: ALL, EURO, USD, GBP, CHF
Minimum amount for account opening: No minimum required
Minimum balance: ALL 1,500, EUR 10, USD 15, GBP 10, CHF 10
No commission for account opening
Account maintenance fee: ALL 100 /month, EUR/USD/GBP/CHF 1.00/month
Once per month, Account Statement free of charge 
Debit card “Visa”for
- Easy access to all your accounts 24/7 from the ATMs of Tirana Bank and other banks
- Purchases at stores in Albania and abroad bearing the VISA sign by automatically debiting your account
Automatic payment of bills for Utility Companies (water, electricity, phone bills)
Automatic payment of Tirana Bank Credit card or Loans via standing order, free of charge
Payments to 3rd parties via standing order or outgoing transfers (for rent, tuition fees, etc)
Registration to Tirana Bank Online for
- Internet banking
- Mobile banking
- Phone banking

For further information, visit a Tirana Bank branch or call at 0800 68 68 (free of charge from landline) or 04-2277700 (if you are calling from your mobile or abroad), 24 hours a day.

* Accounts in Tirana Bank SHA are insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( according to the law no. 53/2014 "On Deposit Insurance", up to the amount 2.500.000 or the equivalent amount in foreign currency

Notice from Tirana Bank
Dear customer, Hereby inform you that Tirana Bank has updated its document “Terms & Conditions – Business” under item Outgoing Transfer locally in ALL, due to latest updates of BOA on two regulations, respectively AECH and AIPS, and BOA’s instructions. You are kindly i...
We are here to help you carry out all your banking operations and manage your time better! Autostrada Branch and Garda Branch operate from 09:00 to 13:00 every Saturday! Tirana Bank, Here for you!...
Mr. Dritan Mustafa, article for Bankieri magazine
Mr. Mustafa, in an interview with “Bankieri” magazine on the topic of “Banks in Albania in 2019 and the horizont for 2020”, has identified 2019 as the year in which the Albanian banking sector, remains the most developed, and well regulated sector in the domestic market, with...
Kindly be informed that as of 16/12/2019, operations of Durres Main Branch will be transferred to the premises of Durres Plazh Branch. For any inquiries thereafter, please refer to :   Branch : "Durres Plazh" Adress: Pavaresia Street, no.13, Plazh.   Thank You!  ...
Mrs. Brisilda Bala article in "Bankieri" magazine
Policies that encourage out-of-court settlements, in a timely and reliable manner, have become the preferred forms that minimize associated costs, related with the processes of handling and recovering financially distressed clients....
Mr. Dritan Mustafa article in "Bankieri" magazine
Tirana Bank will explore and utilize the development opportunities of local market, with a dynamic but prudential approach, in terms of expanding credit portfolio for the domestic economy, with a balanced reference to individuals and business segment....
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