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Home Loan
Be like Ben! Buy your own house!   Housing Loan for Purchase / Construction and Land Purchase   Lending Terms and Conditions: - Currenc...
Overdraft   - Currency: ALL/EUR - Amount: Min: 100 EUR / 12,500 ALL Max: up to 3 (three) net salary - Duration: 12 Months, Renewab...
Consumer Loans
Unsecured Consumer Loans   - Currency: EUR / ALL  - Amount: Min: 1,000 EUR / 125,000 ALL Max: 10,000 EUR / 1,250,000 ALL Mass Custome...
Home Equity Loan
Home Equity Loan Home Equity Loan is offered to all Individual Customers who need a loan for various reasons (except business reasons) leaving as col...
Student Loan
Student Loan Tirana Bank offers financial support for students, for graduates and postgraduate programs in Albania or abroad to cover the tuition fee...
Cash Collateral
Cash Collateral Loan   Cash Collateral aims to cover different financial needs for all Retail Customers who offer their term deposit at Tirana B...
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