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Student Package

Student Package "Success"

Now, the Bank closer to the school!

Tirana Bank now comes closer to the student’ needs, with Student Package “Success”, which offers products and services designed especially for students, with more benefits, comfort and flexibility.

• Student Account
• Debit Card
• Transfers
• Winbank Platform
• Student Loan

“Sukses” Student Package includes the combination of the following Products and Services:

• Student Account

No commission for opening and maintenance of the account
Free of charge for “Cash” Deposit from third parties
“Cash” Deposit with same value date
No commission for Standing Orders
Utility payments Free of charge

• VISA Electron Debit Card

POS domestic purchases free of charge
Off-us international POS purchases free of charge for the first 20 transactions
No commission for cash withdrawals from Tirana Bank ATM-s
Possibility to connect the card with more than one account even in different currencies
Issuing Fee ALL 300/EUR 2.5
Service Fee (annual fee)  ALL 300/EUR 2.5

• VISA Classic Credit Card

Add-On Credit Card for the student with 0 annual fee, if the parents are Tirana Bank Credit Cardholders or will apply for a Credit Card
Flexible credit limit with option of changing upon request of main cardholder
Free online information through winbank on the monthly bill, performed transactions, change of limit etc.
Free notifications through SMS & E-mail Alert service for every transaction performed with the card

• Incoming & Outgoing Transfers

Transfers for Students are offered with 50% discount on standard commissions

• winbank Platform (Web Banking, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking, winbank for cards)

Free of charge - no subscription fee
Unlimited Access - from anywhere at any time (24x7)
Practical & Secure - Using a phone, a computer, a tablet or even a smart phone, can securely perform transactions at anytime

• Student Loan
Providing financial support to students on tuition fees and other needs & expenses. Student loans have the option of grace period from 12 to 48 months, giving the possibility to pay interests only during this time.


The Student Package will be charged with monthly maintenance fee of 50 ALL.

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