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Calculation of interest on term deposits
Calculations of Deposit Interest 
Deposited Amount  Period in months*
1 month  =  0.08 year
2 months = 0.17 year
3 months = 0.25 year
4 months = 0.33 year
5 months = 0.42 year
6 months = 0.50 year
7 months = 0.58 year
8 months = 0.67 year
9 months = 0.75 year
10 months = 0.83 year
11 months = 0.92 year
The annual interest rate
Period in years

Total sum in the end
Total interest


  • *The table shows the monthly period multiplier coefficients that should be given in the field (Period in years) according to the monthly period that you will keep money on deposit, if your deposit is 3 months, in the field (Period in Years) you will enter the coefficient 0.25
  • For deposit interest rates consult the interest rates table.
  • This calculator is for information purposes only and does not constitute any obligation
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