Corporate Banking

Since 1997 Tirana Bank has been the partner of the Albanian business supporting to grow further and increase their profits. Tirana Bank as part of Piraeus Banking Group, embracing its experience actually present in 11 countries, has focused its long term objectives to corporate banking. Our corporate department can answer very efficiently to our client’s needs, continuing our close collaboration with them. Actually Tirana Bank, is a leading bank in corporate financings, especially in the sectors of Energy, Food Trade & Proccesing, Construction, infrastructure and Iron Trade & Production. Our focus is not on short-term profit, but on building long-term relationship and standing by our clients whenever they need us.

Our Clients

Tirana Bank Corporate clients must fulfill one of the following conditions:

• Yearly turnover more than 3 million Euros.
• Have a limit exposure over 1 million Euros.
• Being a subsidiary of a foreign company (with 50% of the shares or more)
• Being a company with public capitals or a public institution.

Corporate services are customized to the banking needs of the coorporates.

For the services of the corporate clients’ you can contact with

Corporate Department in Tirana Bank.

Tel. +355 42257 570, +355 42 277 700,

Fax +355 42277 691