The financial lease, or as it is widely known, leasing, is one of the most effective ways of financing the assets in use by the company.

Leasing is a process where the lessee (Corporate, SME or Micro) has the use of an asset, which is also the object of the leasing contract, for which it makes a series of periodic payments until the entire value of this asset is paid off. Until the end of these payments, ownership of the asset remains with the lessee.

Subject to financing can be assets like:

  • Motor vehicles: Car / Fleet / Van / SPV / Truck / Bus, etc.
  • Watercraft
  • Equipment and machinery: Medical equipment / Printing / IT / Telecommunication / Construction, etc.
  • Real Estate: Industrial / Commercial / Residential.


Advantages of leasing compared to standard loans are mainly related to:

  • Better financing terms such as: interest rate, financing tenor, prepayment value, residual value, etc
  • The fact that there is no need for collateral, since the collateral is the leasing object itself
  • The fact that the monthly expenses for leasing are 100% deductible for the effect of tax calculations
  • Calculation of amortization expenses over an asset, which the company has not yet fully paid

You can be financed up to 90% of the purchase value of the asset for a suitable term, determined depending on the type of asset, by contacting us at:


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