Online Banking

Online banking

Online Banking is an electronic service that allows you to conduct transactions with the highest security features of electronic banking technology, no matter your location via:

  • Internet Banking (internet)
  • Mobile Banking (your mobile device)


 Internet Banking

Banking transactions with just a single “click”!
Tirana Bank provides you with the opportunity to conduct banking transactions you need by yourself, by using the electronic banking service “Online Banking - Internet Banking”.

This service does not require to visit a bank branch. It is the Bank that comes to you, at home, at work or wherever you are.

With Online Banking, you can make banking transactions from your home or office, saving yourself time and making your life easier.

Our clients’ experience is paramount, so we make sure it is always perfect.

The key to our success is transparency established between the bank and the client, therefore we try to provide the best of our products and services.

Having you as our core focus, we have developed TiBank, an innovative platform, which meets all your requirements.

Download it now for use after being communicated your bank credentials.

TiBank platform is available to assist you with 24/7 real time information, on:

  • Your account balance and transactions
  • Direct debits
  • Your debit or credit card balance
  • Your consumer loans and housing loans (balance due, payment dates, instalment amount)
  • Details of your Term Deposit or Opening of a New Deposit;
  • You can also print your statement of account or credit card invoice at any time.

Do you wish to make payments or transfers? There is no need to visit a bank branch, you can now simply and quickly do it from Online Banking as follows:

  • Credit Card Payment or Loan Instalments at Tirana Bank;
  • Transfers within own accounts
  • Transfers to any account in Tirana Bank
  • Transfers to any bank inside and outside Albania

Make your payments for:

Tirana Bank VISA credit cards

Loan repayments

Mobile bill – ONE, Vodafone and Albtelecom

OSHE and UKT invoices