Corporate Profile


Balkan Finance Investment Group, BALFIN Group, is one of the most significant and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans region.

Group’s investment portfolio can be classified in the activities of real estate development, retail, commercial and industrial space management and services, mineral industry, tourism, energy and banking.

Balfin Group has already established a reputation of its own as the most active and innovative Group, thanks to the successful investments ideas that have transformed and revolutionized not only the market but also the consumer behavior.

With an ambitious vision, a collective commitment to excellence, a dynamic and honest business approach, a strong financial and administrative structure and a vast experience gained over the many years of investment and growth, Balfin Group has built a very strong presence in Albania and the international markets. Today, with headquarters in Tirana, Balfin Group is present with its activity beyond the borders of Albania, in Austria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Netherlands.



Balfin Group is a pioneer for the creation of retail chains by proposing clients brands and quality products at the best prices. Retail activities are concentrated in: Electronics, Clothing, Groceries, Food and Industrial Products, children’s toys etc.

Some of the companies are Neptun International, Jumbo, Spar Albania, Fashion Group etc.



The most ambitious projects of Balfin Group are those on tourism. Balfin Group is focused on investments in tourism, especially in the elite and luxury tourism, in two of the most elite areas in Albania, such as Hamallaj in Durres where it has completed Vala Mar Residences and Green Coast Resort in Palasa, Vlora, the only high-end resort and hotel in the south Coast of Albania in the region of Vlora.

In all its investments, the Group is offering quality, international standards, comfort and security.


Established in 2013, AlbChrome is a leader in the mining and metallurgy industry in the region and one of the biggest chrome rich resource management companies in Europe. AlbChrome is in charge of managing a section of the Bulqiza Mine, the ferrochrome smelting plants in Burrel and Elbasan and the selection plant and tranverbank in Klos.

Since 2018, the Group's experience has extended to Kosovo as it gained possession of the Ferronickel complex in Drenas, revitalizing the industry through new investments and technology enhancement, which are a guarantee for increased production and job growth. NewCo Ferronikeli is the largest exporter of Kosovo and one of the largest producers of Nickel in Europe



Balfin Group is distinguished for large investments in construction field. The group started the activity in the field of construction in the early of 2000, first focusing on the construction of residential and commercial areas in Albania, offering high quality buildings and elite services.  

Latter the Group expanded its activity in the construction of Commercial and Industrial areas, elite and tourism projects not only in Albania, but also in Macedonia, Austria etc.

Latter the Group expanded its activity in the construction of Commercial and Industrial areas, elite and tourism projects not only in Albania, but also in Macedonia, Austria etc.



  • Over 6000 people work in Balfin Group companies.
  • Group Yearly Turnover is more than 500 million Euros.
  • Group Total Assets are more than 1.2 billion USD.
  • Neptun -The largest network of the electronics in Albania, and one of the largest in the Balkans is part of the Group.
  • Balfin Group built the first shopping center in Albania, QTU and TEG – the largest one.
  • Balfin Group owns AlbChrome - the largest company in Albania in mineral industry and the second largest in Europe.
  • Part of the Group is the company Mane TCI, the largest in the construction industry in Albania.
  • Balfin Group owns Green Coast Resort – the first of its kind in Albania.
  • SPAR, the largest international brand of food products, became part of Balfin Group in 2016.
  • Balfin Group owns NewCo Ferronikeli, the largest producer and exporter of Nickel in Kosovo.