Online Banking

This platform helps the business in making online payments and obligations to the state
(Customs, Taxation and Insurance).

Keeping pace with the times and evaluating customer service as one of its main priorities, TIRANA BANK offers you its newest service: "Online Banking".

Online Banking is a series of banking services that you can perform through your computer or mobile device, without having to be in the bank, it is enough to have an internet connection.

Routine banking operations so far, such as bill payments, transfers to third party accounts (in and out of the country), account balance information, employee salaries, etc., are now done directly from your office or from any place you want, via computer or your mobile device. This way you or your employee save time, have complete information on your accounts, make faster decisions, reduce costs and increase business productivity.

Through the "Online Banking" service you can save in "Excel" or PDF formats as well as print websites or invoices for transactions and payments.

The service also enables your company to register other users by defining through the internet the types of actions authorized for each of them, the limit as well as the approval of amounts for these actions, in short, online monitoring and management of the rights of each user .

Easy to use, with selection menus in Albanian and English, exchange rate and automatic currency calculation, with the latest standards of online security and above all, with an internet platform proven over 10 years. You already have the opportunity to make your own a multifunctional and more modern service.

For any information regarding this new service you can contact InfoBank 0800 68 68. For calls from your mobile device or international calls call +355 4 2277 700.