Credit Facilities

Investment Loan

Investment loan is a facility granted to legal entities or investors that are interested to finance all kind of investments (e.g real estate properties, purchase of stock or bonds), etc.

Our business relationships and officers can offer tailored made solutions for your business needs for working capital. The amount and tenor of a working capital facility are defined according to the operating needs of the Borrower and the operating cycle of its business activity.


Overdraft is a short-term credit facility, allocated in currencies (ALL/EURO/USD) that allows customer to draw funds from the current account up to the limit approved, circulating it several times. Overdraft  assists business to cover short-term debts, seasonal supplies, purchase of inventory and other dues   related with business current assets.

Credit Line

Credit Line is a short-term credit facility offered to businesses to cover their immediate financial need    on operational cycle, such as the purchase of stocks/inventory, repayment of suppliers or other payments) without significantly affecting the company's liquidity.

 Multipurpose Facility-MPF

Multipurpose Facility is a short-term credit facility offered to businesses that need also Bank Guarantees or Letter of Credit, which can be paid via bank’s fund, in case your business lacks liquidit

Medium to Long Term Loan is allocated in several currencies (ALL/EURO/USD) and with a repayment up to 120 months (including a grace period if applicable). It provides the necessary financing to support the business’ development and/or expansion through investment in medium to long term fixed assets, such as acquisition of goods and/or real estate, buildings, vehicles, equipment etc. or consolidating financing standing through refinancing other long-term investments and/or debts.