Working Capital Financing

Our business relationships and officers can offer tailored made solutions for your business needs for working capital. The amount and tenor of a working capital facility are defined according to the operating needs of the Borrower and the operating cycle of its business activity.


Overdraft is a short-term credit facility, allocated in currencies (ALL/EURO/USD) that allows customer to draw funds from the current account up to the limit approved, circulating it several times. Overdraft  assists business to cover short-term debts, seasonal supplies, purchase of inventory and other dues   related with business current assets.

Credit Line

Credit Line is a short-term credit facility offered to businesses to cover their immediate financial need    on operational cycle, such as the purchase of stocks/inventory, repayment of suppliers or other payments) without significantly affecting the company's liquidity.

 Multipurpose Facility-MPF

Multipurpose Facility is a short-term credit facility offered to businesses that need also Bank Guarantees or Letter of Credit, which can be paid via bank’s fund, in case your business lacks liquidit