Cash Collateral

Cash Collateral aims to cover different financial needs for all Retail Customers who offer their term deposit at Tirana Bank as guarantee.


Currency: ALL, EUR, USD


 Amount: ALL 18,750,000/ EUR 150,000/ USD 132,000


 Duration: 6 up to 25 months (Loan duration will be same with term deposit maturity date)


  Financed limit:

  • 80% of term deposit (when T/D and loan are in the same currency)
  • 70% of term deposit (when T/D and loan are in different currency)


 Interest Rates: 

Term deposit interest rate  + 2%                                                      


Payment method:                        

  • Principal and interest are paid in equal monthly installments
  • Principal and interest are paid in term deposit maturity date.


Collateral: The term deposit established as collateral will be registered at the Securing Charges Registry (RBS) in cases when:

  • Loan amount is ≥ 20,000 EUR (equivalent in  ALL, USD currencies);
  • Borrower is owner/administrator of a private business or licensed as Physical Person regardless of the loan amount;


 For more information, contact our branches or call for free at Info Bank 0800 68 68.


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