Payroll Package

Tirana Bank, provides for all its customers who receive their salary at Tirana Bank, the Payroll Package, a combination of products and services designed with more benefits, flexibility and comfort.

Payroll account offers full access to the funds at any time and performing of any transaction without limit benefiting:

  • Preferential interest
  • Utility payments and payments to third parties Free of charge
  • Free of charge for cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Incoming and outgoing transfers


Debit Card VISA  Chip & Contactless which is provided, on the spot in every branch when opening a salary account, benefiting:

  • High daily limit of 75.000 ALL
  • Free of charge for cash withdrawals in Tirana Bank ATM-s
  • Free of charge for POS domestic purchases
  • Possibility to connect the card  with accounts in different currencies (ALL & EUR)
  • 300 ALL card issuing fee
  • 300 ALL Service fee (annual fee)
  • High security usage with Chip and Contactless technology
  • 3 Years Validity for the first Card and then 5 years
  • Opportunity to change the PIN in Tirana Bank ATMs free of charge

Visa Classic Credit Card: a credit limit that can be used as per your needs and requirements.

  • Up to 5,000 EUR Credit Card Limit
  • 1,500 ALL Annual Fee
  • Competitive Interest rate of 18 %, applicable only on the Credit used Limitand 12% for Credit Card secured with Cash Collateral
  • Cash withdrawal up to 30 % of the card limit
  • Free of charge for POS(Point of Sale) and Online transactions
  • Minimum monthly payment of only 7 % of Credit Card outstanding balance
  • Chip and Pin technology for enhanced security.
  • Free online access to your statement and transactions through “Winbank for cards”.
  • Maximized security with a free text message and /or mail notification for every transaction
  • Option to pay for your purchases in installments through “My Way” service


TiBank Platform – Free of charge

  • Web Banking, Banking via your personal computer (PC/Mac)
  • Mobile Banking, the convenience of conducting banking operations through your mobile phone.

Overdraft is a cash advance over your salary, available directly into payroll account, with a limit up to 3 (three) net salaries, with benefits:

  • No maintanance fee
  • No disbursement fee
  • Competitive interests applicable only on the amount used within the limit
  • Cash withdrawal at the ATM-s 24 hours/7 days, up to the approved limit

Consumer Unsecured Loansfinancing of different consumer needs with:

  • Preferential  interest rates for Public Institution Payroll
  • Financed limit:
    • Up to 500,000 ALL, tenor 5 years. No Guarantor or Co-borrower needed
    • Up to 1,250,000 ALL for Mass Payroll customers, tenor 7 years. Guarantor or Co-borrower needed
    • Up to 1,875,000 ALL for Affluent Customer, tenor 10 years. Guarantor or Co-borrower needed

Mortgage Loans with Preferential Interest rates & administration fee for:

  • Home Purchase/Construction
  • Home Improvement

Home Equity with Preferential Interest rates & administration fee

Payroll Package monthly maintenance fee is 125 ALL/ 1 EUR/ 1 USD

Pre Contractual Info

Student Package "Success"

Now, the Bank closer to the school!

Tirana Bank now comes closer to the student’ needs, with Student Package “Success”, which offers products and services designed especially for students, with more benefits, comfort and flexibility.

• Student Account
• Debit Card
• Transfers
•TiBank Platform
• Student Loan

“Sukses” Student Package includes the combination of the following Products and Services:

• Student Account

No commission for opening and maintenance of the account
Free of charge for “Cash” Deposit from third parties
“Cash” Deposit with same value date
No commission for Standing Orders
Utility payments Free of charge

• VISA Debit Card

POS domestic purchases free of charge
Off-us international POS purchases free of charge for the first 20 transactions
No commission for cash withdrawals from Tirana Bank ATM-s
Possibility to connect the card with more than one account even in different currencies
Issuing Fee ALL 300/EUR 2.5
Service Fee (annual fee)  ALL 300/EUR 2.5

• VISA Classic Credit Card

Add-On Credit Card for the student with 0 annual fee, if the parents are Tirana Bank Credit Cardholders or will apply for a Credit Card
Flexible credit limit with option of changing upon request of main cardholder
Free online information through TiBank for transactions, monthly invoice, limit change, etc.
Free notifications through SMS & E-mail Alert service for every transaction performed with the card

• Incoming & Outgoing Transfers

Transfers for Students are offered with 50% discount on standard commissions

• TiBank Platform

- No registration and maintenance commission

- Unlimited access - anywhere, at any time (24/7)

- Practical and Secure - a phone, a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone is enough to safely perform banking operations at any time

- Loan opportunities to support the needs of students for tuition fees or other expenses and needs for this purpose, as well as the opportunity to pay only the interest on the loan for a period of 12 - 48 months and standard instalments after this period.

Free of charge - no subscription fee
Unlimited Access - from anywhere at any time (24x7)
Practical & Secure - Using a phone, a computer, a tablet or even a smart phone, can securely perform transactions at anytime

• Student Loan
Providing financial support to students on tuition fees and other needs & expenses. Student loans have the option of grace period from 12 to 48 months, giving the possibility to pay interests only during this time.


The Student Package will be charged with monthly maintenance fee of 50 ALL.

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