Unsecured Consumer Loan

Tirana Bank offers financial support for all Retail customers, to cover financial needs (consumer goods, cars, home furniture, home appliances, vacations, personal expense etc).

Currency: EUR / ALL


  Mass Customers Affluent Customers Premium Customers
Max limit up to 1.250.000All/10.000€ 1.625.000All/13.000€ 2.125.000All/17.000€
Max Tenor up to 7 years 10 years 10 years
No Co borrower guarantor for the amount up to: Payroll Customers 750.000All /6.000€ 1.250.000All/10.000€ 2.125.000All/17.000€
Standart Customers 375.000All /3.000€ 625.000All/5.000€ 1.250.000All/10.000€

 Duration: up to 10 years

Interest Rates: 

Payroll Customers
Currency With co-borrower /guarantor No co-borrower / guarantor
ALL TBill 12M + 8%, Min 8.5% TBill 12M + 11%, Min 11%
Eur EURIBOR 12M + 11%, Min 11% EURIBOR 12M + 13%, Min 13%


Standart Customers
Currency With co-borrower /guarantor No co-borrower / guarantor
All TBill 12M + 10%, Min 10% TBill 12M + 12%, Min 12%
Eur EURIBOR 12M + 12%, Min 12% EURIBOR 12M + 14%, Min 14%


  • ID card / passport
  • Family certificate
  • Employment confirmation issued by the employer
  • If the customer has his own business:
  • Extract of National Registration Centre for Businesses (NIPT);
  • Tax Office verification of dues;

Note: The Bank keeps the right to request other documents considered necessary for the evaluation of the client

For more information, contact our branches or call for free at Info Bank  0800 68 68.

Pre Contractor Info for Unsecured Consumer Loan