Home Improvement Loan

Tirana Bank offers financial support for all Retail customers who want to be financed for:Improvement / reconstruction a residential property; Transferring a loan balance from another Bank; Home improvements consist in works that are incorporated in the building structure, like painting, tiles laying, installment of electrical/hydraulic/heating systems, etc

Lending Terms and Conditions:

Currency: EUR/ALL


  • Min: 8,000 EUR / 1,000,000 ALL
  • Max: 200,000 EUR / 25,000,000 ALL
  • Duration: up to 20 years

Financed limit: 100% of the project cost, up to 80% of security market value

 Interest Rates: 

Currency Payroll Customer Standard Customer
LEK T.Bills 12M + 1.6%, Min 4% T.Bills 12M + 2.2%, Min 4%
EUR EURIBOR 12M + 4%,Min 4% EURIBOR 12M + 4%, Min 4%

Payment method: Principal and interest are paid in equal monthly instalments

Collateral: First-rank mortgage on the funded property or other property that meets the Bank's requirements


  • ID card / passport
  • Family certificate
  • Employment confirmation issued by the employer
  • If the customer has his own business:
  • Extract of National Registration Centre for Businesses (within the last month); NIPT;
  • Tax Office verification of dues;
  • Mortgage Deed
  • Work certification and/or Re-construction permit/notification at the municipality for the project
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