Credit Card - VISA Gold

Visa Gold Credit Card

Tirana Bank VISA Gold credit card is designed to offer high standards, prestige and extra flexibility.

It can be used widely in POS and/or ATM everywhere “VISA” logo is:

  • Thousands point of sales in Albania (hotels, restaurants, stores, travel agencies etc.);
  • Over 20 million point of sales worldwide;


VISA GOLD Card features:

- Currency: ALL

- Amount:

  • Max: 15,000 EUR / 1,875,000 ALL (unsecured)
  • Max: 50,000 EUR / 6,250,000 ALL (secured with cash collateral)

- Interest Rates: 18%         

- Monthly minimum payment: 7% of the amount spent

- Monthly withdrawal: 50% of card limit


Credit Card Benefits:

- Free Travel Insurance for you and your family for trips paid through Visa Gold Credit Card up to EUR 100,000

- Quick assistance in case of lost/stolen/damaged card by card replacement or immediate cash disbursement

- Free notification through SMS/E-mail Alert service for performed transactions and monthly invoice

- Free online information with the ‘Credit Card’ TiBank service, for transactions performed by card

- High security enabled with Chip technology and Contactless

- Competitive interests and commissions

- Fixed Monthly Instalments Payment for each purchase at every POS inside and outside the country

- Up to 2 additional free cards for your family members


For more information, contact our branches or call for free at Info Bank 0800 68 68


Pre contractual Info Gold Card