Internet Banking

TiBank represents an electronic service that allows you to conduct transactions under the highest security system of electronic banking technology, wherever you are via:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking

Internet Banking

Banking transactions through a single ‘click’!

Tirana Bank provides you with the opportunity of conducting the banking transactions of your choice, using the electronic banking service ‘TiBank - Internet Banking’. Through this service, you are not required to visit a bank branch, real time banking comes to you, at home, at work or wherever you are.

Through a single ‘click’

Log in to the TiBank platform, on the official website of the bank, and you will be informed in real time about:

  • Your account balance and transactions
  • Periodic payment orders
  • The status of your debit and credit cards
  • Your consumer loans and home loans (balance due, payment dates, instalment amount)
  • Details of your Term Deposit or Make a New Deposit.
  • Furthermore, you can print your account statement or credit card invoice at any time.
  • The nearest location of the ATM and branches of Tirana Bank.

Do you want to make payments or transfers?

There is no need to visit a bank branch, you are now able to perform simply and quickly from Online Banking:

  • Credit Card Payment or Loan Instalments at Tirana Bank.
  • Transfers within own accounts
  • Transfers to any account in Tirana Bank
  • Transfers to any bank inside and outside Albania
  • Perform utility bill payments.
  •  Mobile TopUp and activation offer


Other functional features:

  •  Make Real Time Term Deposits, directly from the TiBank platform.
  •  Make periodic payment orders.
  •  Personal Financial Management

                 Categorization of transactions according to automatic rules predetermined by the client.

                  Personal budget management and monitoring

                  Make savings plans for different purposes.

  • Card lock/unlock.
  • Extended security and the ability to choose how to identify and confirm transactions:

                  By static and OTP password with SMS

                  By QR code

                  By pattern

                  By Fingerprint

                  By face scanning

  •  Mailbox - through which you can communicate with the bank directly on the TiBank platform.
  • Dashboard - Organized in Widgets, where you decide for yourself what you choose to display in the Home Page.