18 Month Deposit

“18 Month Deposit” is a term deposit with a predefined maturity of 18-month tenor combined with an interest which will be paid in the customer account every semester.

The product is an agreement between the Bank and the Customer based on a specific amount, maturity period and it is offered with a progressive IR.

Product Characteristics:

  • Currency: LEK
  • Tenor: 18 Months;
  • Interest Payment: The interest will be credited in customer account every 6-months;
  • Minimum Amount: 1.000.000

Product Features:

  • IR will increase progressively every 6 month reaching the highest rate in the last semester;
  • The longer the funds stay in the deposit lifecycle, the highest the interest profit;
  • Interest will be credited in the customer account every semester (6 months);
  • Debit Card Visa linked to the current account which allows the withdrawal of interest credited in the current account through ATM 24 hours in day, 7 days a week;
  • The deposit will offer the break down facility at any moment upon customer request profiting all the accrued interest during deposit lifecycle;

Documents required:

Passport or Identity card;
Deposit contract agreement signed from bank representative and the customer;

DIA- Deposit Insurance Agency:

Deposits in Tirana Bank SHA are insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency (www.asd.gov.al) according to the law no. 53/2014 "On Deposit Insurance", up to the amount 2.500.000 or the equivalent amount in foreign currencies.