Advantage Deposit

“Advantage” Deposit is a bundle of four products that is offered to Retail Customers on the spot:

  • Time Deposit combined with overdraft facility (using the deposit as cash collateral guarantee)
  • Debit Card
  • winbank

Customers benefits:

Liquidity for their deposit, having comfort to use funds at any time for different needs
Usage of OD at any time through cash/transfers or 24/7 through debit card in ATM-s
Facility for performing transactions through Winbank 24/7
Opportunity to maintain the deposit balances having the possibility to close (totally/partially) the overdraft with new money, at any time, without commission

“Advantage Deposit” main features:

Time Deposit:

Currencies: ALL, EUR, USD
Tenor: 6m, 12m, 25m
Deposit Minimum Amount: ALL 50,000, Euro 500, USD 500
Interest Rate: Please refer to the Interest Rates for Deposits and Accounts


Currencies: ALL, EUR, USD (same CCY with TD one)
Tenor: 6m, 12m, 25m (same tenor with TD one)
Amount: 80% of TD amount (max 50.000 Euro/USD; 7.000.000 LEK)
Interest Rate: Time Deposit Interest Rate + 2%

The pledge deposit will be registered at the Securing Charges Registry (RBS) any time that:

  • Loan amount is ≥ 20,000 EUR (eqv. In LEK, USD)
  • When borrower is Owner/Administrator of a private business or a licensed Physical Person regardless of the loan amount.

Customer bears the cost of registration in RBS. 

* Deposits in Tirana Bank SHA are insured by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( according to the law no. 53/2014 "On Deposit Insurance", up to the amount 2.500.000 or the equivalent amount in foreign currency

For further information, visit a Tirana Bank branch or call at 0800 68 68 (free of charge from landline) or 04-2277700 (if you are calling from your mobile or abroad), 24 hours a day.